Ceramic Coating vs Car Wax

Achieving the Perfect Finish on Your Vehicle

Do you remember how your car looked the first day you drove it off the lot?

Most dealerships do a great job giving their new and used cars that perfect gloss and shine. There’s nothing quite like driving a car directly off the showroom floor. However, after a few months of ownership, you’re going to notice that the glossy and shiny appearance has considerably faded. The accumulation of dirt and grime combined with how car washes affect a vehicle’s finish tend to dull down appearance. No need for alarm. This is a totally fixable problem, just so long as you use the right products.

There are a few avenues you can take when it comes to boosting the appearance of your vehicle. Most notably, waxing and ceramic coating. Let’s break these two down so that you know what to expect when using these products.

Standard Car Wax

Car wax generally comes in three varieties: paraffin, montan, and carnauba. Since wax is a solid material, it needs to be mixed with a solvent to give it a spreadable consistency. By applying wax to a vehicle, you’re essentially providing a protective barrier between your paint job and the elements. Wax ensures that your vehicle is shielded from scratches, dirt, and the effects of constant sun exposure. It also improves the overall appearance of the vehicle, providing it with that classic gloss and shine look for several weeks or even months (depending on usage).

There are a couple big drawbacks when it comes to waxing a vehicle. The first is that it is a highly labor-intensive process that can take several hours. The second drawback is that the effects of waxing are only temporary, so it will have to become part of your regular upkeep routine to maintain the glossy look that you want. These two drawbacks are why many drivers have opted to go with ceramic coating installation.

What is Ceramic Coating Installation and How Does it Work?

The big difference between waxing and ceramic coating is that the latter is a more permanent solution. Whereas waxing will eventually wear off and need to be reapplied, ceramic coating only has to be applied once. That alone saves drivers a ton of time and headache when it comes to keeping their car’s aesthetic at its peak.

The science behind this is that ceramic coating doesn’t just sit on top of your car’s paint job – it chemically bonds with it. Once the bonding process is complete, the car will be highly resistant to natural elements and environmental pollutants. Additionally, ceramic coating is much stronger than standard car wax.

Of course, with this kind of permanent protection you can expect a much higher price point than standard car wax. It’s also worth noting that ceramic coating installation needs to be done by professionals, which further adds to the price point. However, considering that ceramic coating installation is a one-and-done process that lasts for the life of the car, we can safely give it our highest recommendation.

Car Paint Protection Films and Vinyl Car Wraps

Just so you know what’s available to you beyond standard car wax and ceramic coating, we’ll also provide a brief overview of car paint protection film and vinyl car wraps.

Car paint protection film is an ultra-thin urethane film that securely bonds with your vehicle’s paint job. It is designed to protect your vehicle from naturally occurring elements such as sun, dirt, and grime. It also has been known to hold up well against sticks, rocks, and other common road debris. In addition to the protective element that paint protection film provides, it also elevates the look of your vehicle. If you’re weighing your options between car paint protection film and ceramic coating installation, it’s worth noting that ceramic coating is the stronger of the two.

On the other hand, a vinyl car wrap is an aesthetic-only upgrade that is applied either to a portion or the entirety of the vehicle’s body. It is typically used to change the color of the paint job or to add a custom design element. Keep in mind, vinyl car wraps do NOT offer your vehicle any added protection.

Protect Your Car’s Paint Job with Ceramic Coating Installation Today!

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