3 Reasons You Should Try Paint Protection Film Today

Breaking Down the Benefits of Paint Protection Film

When it comes to making car upgrades, you think about things like aftermarket stereos and speakers, professional window tinting, and custom wheels and tires. It can be easy to overlook your own paint job, especially if it’s already in pristine condition. However, in order to keep your paint job looking perfect, certain measures need to be taken. After all, the paint job is typically the first thing that people notice about your car. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of gouges and scratches in it. Enter: paint protection film and all its benefits.

If you’re not familiar with paint protection film, it’s a newer technology that protects the integrity of your vehicle via a thin, protective film composed of a urethane compound that’s applied directly onto the body of the car. The best part is that it’s basically invisible, so the only thing people will notice is your awesome paint job. Let’s review the biggest three benefits of paint protection film and why you should consider upgrading your vehicle.

Benefit #1 – Protects the Vehicle’s Paint Job

As the name implies, paint protection film is going to protect your vehicle from things like rocks, pebbles, sand, debris, dirt, and any other hard matter that may kick up and hit your car out there on the road. You may not think a little pebble or grain of sand will have much of an effect on the exterior of your vehicle, but when you’re going 60 mph, those high speeds make the vehicle of your car vulnerable to exterior damage. The more you drive (and the faster you drive) the more this damage is going to accumulate over time.

The largest benefit that drivers see who get paint protection film is that it prevents all those nicks, gouges, and scratches that normally would have been incurred out there on the road. Since all the damage is being shielded, you can rest easy knowing that your premium paint job is being protected.

Benefit #2 – Sun Shield

Not only do you have to worry about debris and rocks out there on the road, you have to worry about the sun, too. Harmful UV rays will slowly but surely degrade and damage a vehicle over time. It’s exactly the same reason we recommend everyone get professional window tint installed. The sun has a way of fading paint jobs and ruining interiors that are left unprotected. However, with paint protection film, you can ensure that your vehicle’s paint job will look just as pristine as the day you bought it. The materials that compose the film are specifically made to shield against harmful UV rays.

Benefit #3 – Self-Healing Feature

Let’s say for example that your car already has a few chips and scratches in it. You might be inclined to think that by adding a paint protection film now that it wouldn’t do anything for the pre-existing scratches, however, you’d be wrong. Since paint protection film has what’s known as a “self-healing” feature that’s activated by heat, any scratch (existing or non) will be filled in by the film when the car is out in the sun. That’s the beauty of science at work. Paint protection film gives you coverage for all past and future damage. However, in the case of those extremely huge scratches or gouges, you might need a paint touch-up job before getting the film applied. Consult your install professional for details on that since it’s a case-by-case endeavor.

Get Your Paint Protection Film Installed Today at El Cajon Window Tinting!

Since El Cajon Window Tinting is an official dealer of professional grade paint protection film manufacturers, that means that we’re using the very same technology to cut and size the film for your vehicle. This ensures that you get the very same type of product and installation that the manufacturer would do. For car paint protection film and/or window film installation, simply visit the professionals at El Cajon Window Tinting.

One of our professional staff will evaluate the vehicle, make their recommendations, and then give you an estimate on how much everything is going to cost. The process is extremely simple and easy, and has benefits that last for several years down the line.

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