The Top 6 Benefits of Ceramic Coating Installation

Reasons Why You Should Look into Getting a Ceramic Coating Upgrade Today

When it comes to car paint protection film and all the various window tint options out there, we can say for sure that we’re not lacking in choices. This puts vehicle owners in the enviable position of being able to customize their vehicles as much or as little as they’d like. So, if you’ve gotten tired of driving the same car that literally thousands of other drivers have, then maybe it’s time to consider what your customization options are.

Here at El Cajon Window Tinting, we get plenty of customers who ask us what the hot new custom options are for cars. Don’t get us wrong, a classic window tint is always a safe option as far as customization is concerned. However, one thing we’re really liking these days is auto ceramic coating that can be applied to the body of any car, truck, or SUV.

What is Auto Ceramic Coating? Is it the Same Thing as Car Paint Protection Film?

Let’s start with a little science to offer up some background. Ceramic coating is a solution that directly bonds to your vehicle’s exterior. It is a clear, liquid nano ceramic chemical polymer solution that transforms on the surface of your vehicle into a super-structure of nanoglass. So, what does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that the nonceramic glass coating will prove to be an exceptionally strong and durable shield of sorts that will protect your ride against the elements, but natural and man-made.

To answer the follow-up question that we get quite a bit when discussing auto ceramic coating…no, it is not the same thing as car paint protection film. Although ceramic coating is a very fine product in its own right, it doesn’t have near the strength nor the durability of car paint protection film.

To help paint the picture of why ceramic coating is a great product worth looking into, we’re going to break down the top six benefits.

#1 – Ceramic Coating Elevates the Look of Your Vehicle

Auto ceramic coating is similar to candy paint in that it adds depth to the color of your vehicle while providing a high gloss to the overall finish. It makes your vehicle look like it just rolled off the showroom floor of an auto show.

#2 – Ceramic Coating Protects Your Vehicle’s Exterior

As previously mentioned, auto ceramic coating serves as an ultra-durable shield for your car. It will protect it from things such as solvents, airborne acids, alkalis, harsh weather conditions, rust, corrosion, and harmful UV rays.

#3 – Less Body Maintenance and Washing

Ceramic coating is slick. In fact, it’s so slick that dust, dirt, and tar have a very hard time sticking to it, which means less body maintenance and washing for the owner.

#4 – Ceramic Coating Means No More Waxing

Yeah, you read that right. Ceramic coating means you’ll never have to wax your car again for as long as you own it. That should save you some time and money long term.

#5 – Ceramic Coating Protects Your Paint from Fading

The sun’s UV rays and weather all play a part in ruining paint jobs, but not when you have ceramic coating on your ride. You can count on your paint job looking just as good as the day you applied it.

#6 – Ceramic Coating Adds Value to the Car

Not every upgrade you make to your vehicle will add value to it, but ceramic coating is definitely something people factor in when either buying, selling, or trading in a vehicle. Savvy industry folks know the value of a good ceramic coating job.

Upgrade Your Vehicle with Ceramic Coating Today at El Cajon Window Tinting

As we’ve outlined here, ceramic coating isn’t just an aesthetics upgrade – it’s a full-on improvement vehicle that will help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition for years to come. For a professional installation of ceramic coating near you, visit the pros right here at El Cajon Window Tinting. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary product.

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