Car Paint Protection Films

Wondering what paint protection film is? Eager to do all you can to maintain your vehicle’s appearance?

You’ll find answers to those questions here.

Paint protection film might not seem like the most glorious aspect of car ownership. But you might feel differently when you discover how much security it offers your car’s appearance. Why? Because a paint protection film, otherwise known as a clear bra for cars, puts an invisible barrier between your car and the world. This prevents scratches, scrapes, dents, chips and any other damage the environment can throw at your vehicle – all for one affordable price.

Plus, you can keep your car much cleaner with a clear bra. Now you can protect your vehicle the stylish way, with an affordable but high-quality clear bra installed in-house with our SunTek trained installers. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you still have questions, though, we invite you to read on.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

While the idea of clear bras for cars might sound a little racy, it’s actually quite simple (and quite a good idea). The clear bra goes over your car’s paint, from corner to corner, and into every nook and cranny. Its job is to protect every last drop of paint from the sun, dirt, grime, mold, mildew, sticks, stones, other cars, reckless children, and anything else waiting to damage your paint.

This protective film for cars comes from ultra-thin urethane. That’s an organic compound that bonds securely to your vehicle to create an invisible but tough-as-nails barrier. The paint film protects the paint from dings and scratches. Plus, it guards against the fading effects of the sun, which can prove damaging even if you drive carefully and garage your car every night.

Clear bras are custom cut to fit your vehicle’s exact make, model and details. You can rest assured that it covers every last millimeter of your car, from the broadest expanse of the hood to the last scrap of paint under the doors. That way, you never have to worry.

Why Get a Clear Car Bra?

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of a clear bra for car owners, consider the following:

Get Clear Paint Protection Today

As with any security system, a car paint film protection works more effectively the sooner you get it.

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