Car Vinyl Wraps and Vinyl Wrapping

Ever seen a car speeding down the road with a fantastic design emblazoned across it?

That’s a car wrap and you could have one of your own.

Some people love the idea of car wraps, but mistakenly think they are too expensive or too “out of their league” to have on their own vehicles. Yet if you run a business and want to advertise it or need to maintain a certain level of professional awesomeness, then you could really benefit from a vinyl wrap.

Plus, many people don’t know how many vinyl wrap options there are today. Ever wanted to put a logo on your car? Want an eye-catching pattern on the hood or sides? Wish you could market your business on the road? Or just want to add some serious bling to your ride? Vinyl wraps can do the trick.

We’ll answer all your questions about car vinyl wrapping here. That way, you can make the best decision for your vehicle or fleet.

What Is a Clear Car Wrap?

A car wrap – also known as a vinyl wrap or auto wrap – is much like it sounds. It’s a large piece of synthetic resin (in other words, plastic) that you place over a swath of your car. You may know it by its more common name of PVC. That stands for Polyvinyl chloride. It’s formulated by combining ethylene from crude oil and chlorine. You might recognize from pools and table salt.

When you wrap vinyl around the outside of your car, you add an extra layer of protection between your vehicle and the outside world. Plus, you can completely change its look. Because experts can turn PVC any color – including metallic – and that color is opaque, you can obscure the undercoat entirely.

What are the Benefits of a Car Vinyl Wrap?

What benefits does auto-wrapping offer? Here are just a few of the biggest:

Expert Car Vinyl Wraps at El Cajon Window Tinting

A vehicle wrap is right for any person or company who desires to update the look of their vehicle. For some, that means a new paint job. For others, it means achieving a look that’s impossible from retail car suppliers. Still others want to advertise their business on the go and choose vinyl wrapping as the best option to do that.

If you’re ready to learn more about what a car wrap can do for you, your vehicle or your business, it’s time to get in touch with our friendly team today. Our expert installers will ensure that your design looks picture perfect and ready for a closeup at any time. Get ready to enjoy the awesome new ride of which you’ve dreamed or wow your clients and prospects with major glam. To learn more, give us a call at (619) 988-7048.